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Day club

Each weekday we try to have a day club, for the local kids in the city, we have been invited to.  The day includes fun for ages young to young adult. Depending on the culture mix, we try to keep a clear message of salvation. At times the mixture requires a more subtle message.  Crafts, football (soccer), a Bible message, and a wholesome atmosphere, make a good combination for introducing the Gospel.


In addition to hosting a day club, we often have home visits in the evenings.  Team members split into smaller groups and share with those who are curious about the message we bring.  Community involvement is important and at the end of the week, we often invite families to join us for a meal or an event.


Along with all the hard work, we take time to experience all the places that were in the Lord’s path.  It is a fulfillment of a lifetime of dreams, to see these places with our own eyes and feel the atmosphere.  Jesus came to be a servant and gave the ultimate sacrifice for us, so we could be with Him forever.